Coding Librarian

Learning syntax is much like learning a foreign language and most seem to have a love or hate relationship.  Where do I fit in?  After creating, My Personal Website, during LS560, I can say that I am proud of myself, but that I am still on the fence about my coding future.  But I can say that I am thankful for this experience.  Using code may not be part of my job description after I graduate and hopefully land a job in my field.  HOWEVER, I will be able to somewhat speak the language and help introduce students and adults who may be a bit intimidated by this whole syntax world and provide a little encouragement along the way. (and show off my own personal website that I poured hours and hours into.  In fact, my mother should print the home page and place on her fridge. Just saying)

Getting back to the topic.  Should librarians learn to code?  The University of Alabama says I should, given LS560 Information Technology is a required course.  Whether I use this knowledge professionally, as far as building or maintaining a website, or helping shed light on this topic to kids or adults, I say yes, librarians should know how to somewhat speak the language.  Is this an easy process? Of course not.  But the more we get comfortable with technology, the better we serve others.  What are your thoughts or experiences with coding?


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