File Transfer Protocol

What is a file transfer protocol?  I am not sure what the technical jargon definition is, but it’s the process of moving the website that you created (after endless hours of trial and error of course) from your computer to a server so anyone can access your masterpiece.  For me, transferring files was probably the easiest part of this whole assignment.  However, some of my classmates experienced problems with the transfer, something about a shell error.  The most difficult part of this project was using CSS and HTML5 codes properly.  By using CSS Validator you can check for CSS errors or W3 Validator to check for HTML5 errors.  The goal of webpage is NO errors….so much easier said than done.  Syntax can be quite tricky, but don’t give up.  Both of these validator sites have examples that are helpful.  I have learned that some times you need to walk away from your coding, get some fresh air; take a walk, etc…then after your mind is refreshed revisit the error or problem you are facing and before you know it, you will resolve your errors and the website will be up and ready for you and others to admire!  Best of luck!


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