Kids, Coding and Reading Comprehension

Should kids learn how to code or is this coding thing just a fad?  We are living in a digital age and computer science is becoming more and more a part of our daily life.  But what does that have to do with learning syntax?  For one, jobs of the future are demanding more computer skills.  In addition, recent research is indicating that coding helps improve reading comprehension.  Interested in learning more, visit Do your kids need to learn to code? by Grant Hosford, CEO at codeSpark.  Codespark’s missionComputer science for every kid, everywhere.

Another great resource to introduce coding to kids and adults is a site  The site is easy to navigate, fun, most learning tutorials are free, and serves as a great introduction to coding by using games with themes such as Frozen and Angry Birds.  Recently, I a created a cool game with Flappy Birds and then showed my how to create their own games.  At ages, 7, 9 and 12, they were entertained and engaged in creating their own games and showing off their work. I heard comments, “this is cool,” “awesome,” and “check this out!” As a mama I was smiling and thankful to see my kids learning and having fun at the same time. is full of helpful tips, videos and other projects, with step-by-step instructions, with the goal to introduce “every student, at every school” to learning more about computer science.  In fact, tutorials are provided for pre-readers to high school and beyond.  Learn how to create a webpage from scratch, use HTML, CSS,  SQL, other programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, create a virtual robot and so much more!

Beyond taking LS560, will serve as a helpful resource as I look to expand my skills and help others along the way learn more about computer science.


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